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Future Products

Future Products

Future Products

With its visionary and dynamic leadership and committed staff, NTS is expanding the horizon of its test categories and subjects. Following is an overview of our future products and services:

Vocabulary, Syntax, and Logic Evaluation

NTS uses a computer application, called NTS E-rater, for grading the essay questions to evaluate answers on the basis of vocabulary, syntax, and logic.

Verbal and Mathematical Skills Tests

In this regard, NTS is developing new products for various levels i.e. primary to higher education, similar to SAT-I, which will measure verbal and mathematical skills, including longer reading passages and more questions to determine how well students understand them.

English Language Proficiency Tests

NTS is developing testing products to evaluate the English skills for the people/students seeking employment or admission in foreign countries. These tests will be similar to IELTS and TOEFL. A written section will be added to raise the total possible score and a verbal section will also be added as “critical reading”.

Critical-Thinking Skills Testing

Among the programs, NTS is beginning to offer educational tools, making use of new technology to develop grammar school courses by using computers and interactive videos to foster critical-thinking skills. In addition, NTS uses computers to configure the Teachers Exam. NTS aims that by 2020, the test will be used by about 75% teachers of Pakistan’s government and private educational institutions.